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    General Rules


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    General Rules

    Post by gm01epic on Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:00 pm

    General Rules

    Hello, and welcome to the land of Auspus! We like to give players the ability to do as they please, but to avoid mayhem, we have to enforce a few rules. These are subject to change, so it would be a good idea to check back on them every so often.

    1. The golden rule: Don't be a jerk. Keep the site PG-13 (which means avoid explicit content and the like, those being Forumotion policies as well; with profanity it's a bit more lenient, but don't go over the top). Don't spam or troll, ever. Don't be unreasonably salty or hateful, and please do not bring OOC conflict into IC.
    2. Use common roleplay etiquette. Don't powerplay (control another person's character by saying that they did _____) or godmod (dodge every attack and hit every attack, especially when saying you hit an opponent rather than aiming to hit an opponent). Don't make Mary Sues or Gary Stus, and don't try to make your character the center of attention - other people are busy (and also need some love too).
    3. Don't get an attitude with mods and admins. If a mod's messing up, just tell another one or an admin. Don't start drama - that will get you in a LOT of trouble.
    4. Make absolute certain to register your character in the Hall of Heroes before playing! This is essential, and you will face consequences.

    We try to be generous in our warnings system. We have a few levels:

    • Warning - Just a simple warning. Don't do it again, all that. You'll get more of these for lesser offenses (accidental godmoding, etc.) than you will for more serious offenses (messing with admins), and sometimes you won't get any at all.
    • Strike - You'll have a visible strike on your profile. Your character will be afflicted with the Strike condition until it wears off, which will take about a week, less if you apologize and work for a lesser punishment. You only get one of these.
    • Temporary ban - You'll be banned from the site for a short amount of time. Usually, this will last a few days, but for worse offenses, it can go for up to a month.
    • Permanent ban - Your account will be suspended. Unless you're able to prove your innocence via email or support from fellow members, you won't be allowed on that account again.
    • IP ban - Trying to surpass a permanent ban will result in an IP ban. Your IP address will no longer be able to access the website. Appeals for these are very difficult.

    Just be nice, don't mess with forces beyond your control, and play fair, and you'll have a lot more fun. Thanks for reading!


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