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    Occupation Guide


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    Occupation Guide

    Post by gm01epic on Wed Sep 28, 2016 5:26 pm

    Occupation Guide

    Throughout history, people have thought of methods of compensation for their hard work. Eventually, they settled on coins made of gold. People would do their jobs, and then they'd be given these coins for their work. They could then use them for services and goods. It was a healthy system of currency, and it's lasted into the present day. Some jobs have proven more profitable than others, but there are a few that are generally accepted - few others are possible in the continent of Auspus and in the world.

    *Note that all classes get to choose the prices of their services.

    Peasant: Peasants are the general working class. They're overall not that wealthy, and they perform general labor to earn money - things like construction, woodworking, etc. They start with 2,000 gold.

    Blacksmith: Blacksmiths work with metal to create tools, weapons, armor, and various other things that people need. They're skilled at what they do, and live in a middle class. They start with 4,000 gold.

    Tailor: Tailors work with cloth, leather, and other materials to make clothes, light armor, and other cloth-related items. As their products are widely used, they make a fair income, though competition has lowered them to a middle class. They start with 4,000 gold.

    Alchemist: Alchemists work with strange and magical items, plants, and herbs to create potions and other mixtures. Although their items aren't quite as popular, they're expensive, putting them in a higher class. They start with 6,000 gold.

    Healer: Healers use magic, herbs, and drugs to heal other people, sometimes even making their own medicines. They usually charge high prices for their services, putting them in a higher class. They start with 6,000 gold.

    Wizard: Wizards entertain, astonish, and captivate others with their magical spells and powers, often those in positions of nobility. They're rare, but not sought-after, putting them in a middle class. They start with 4,000 gold.

    Merchant: Merchants set up shops, buy items from other people, and sell them to make a profit. They either travel around or make a single store, and get quite a lot of visitors. This puts them in a middle class, as they still need to buy wares. They start with 5,000 gold.

    Adventurer: Adventurers send themselves off into the world, fighting monsters and taking whatever loot they can get, often selling things to Merchants. They usually work either alone or in smaller groups, though some may form guilds. Due to the volatility of their profession, they don't have a particular economic class. They start with 3,000 gold.

    Soldier/Knight: Soldiers and Knights are members of highly organized armies, usually working for royalty. They fight for their cause, taking down whatever comes their way, whether it's a band of monsters or a rival kingdom. They're one of the few occupations with a fixed income, and they're around middle class. They start with 3,000 gold, and they earn 2,000 gold per month.

    Thief: Thieves are rouges, defying the law and stealing from others for a profit. They work silently and efficiently, not afraid to kill to get their money. They don't belong to any economic class due to their illegal nature. They start with 3,000 gold.

    Assassin: Assassins are hired killers. They often hang around taverns and bars, waiting for a prospective client to ask for a favor. They make a contract and do anything in their power to murder their target without getting caught. They usually charge high rates, and are of a middle-high class. They start with 5,000 gold.

    Mercenary: Mercenaries are similar to Assassins; however, rather than aiming for one specific target, they'll follow their employer around, acting as a sort of bodyguard. They can also be sent out to fight. Due to their usefulness, they charge high rates and sit in a high class. They start with 6,000 gold.

    Nobility: Nobility take charge of a kingdom, managing their subjects and trying to keep a healthy economy and population. Most are benevolent and kind, though some rulers are a bit more power-hungry than normal. Because of their high social class, they also belong to a high economic class - the highest, in fact. They start with 10,000 gold.
    *Note: Nobility is a reserved class. Characters who wish to be in this class require approval from an administrator or global moderator.

    Celestial Warrior: Celestial Warriors are the legendary fighters that represent the many elements, spoken of in ancient tales. They come in all different races, appearances, and personalities, but they all share a great amount of strength and the burden of being the primary demon-fighting force. It's said that they're born from whatever element they represent. They don't really have an economic class. They start with 5,000 gold.
    *Note: Celestial Warrior is a reserved class. Characters who wish to be in this class require approval from an administrator or global moderator.

    Celestial: Celestials are incredibly powerful deities, with strength beyond mortal comprehension. They oversee the world, making sure that the balance remains intact. Though they can't directly fight demons due to a curse, they represent themselves through the Celestial Warriors. They defy the mortals' social classes, and can get anything they want for free.
    *Note: Celestial is a highly reserved class. Characters who wish to be in this class require approval from an administrator.

    Slave/Servant: Slaves and servants work tirelessly for their master or mistress. They'll do anything, although some (especially prisoners of war made into slaves) won't enjoy it. Their masters or mistresses range from generous, friendly caretakers who supply them with everything they need for comfort to cruel beings who won't hesitate to punish them. Slaves and servants are almost always unpaid, and start with 500 gold.
    *Note: Slaves and servants require another character who agrees to be their master/mistress before approval. Said character will post on the thread, expressing their agreement.


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