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    Moderator Application Submissions Guide


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    Moderator Application Submissions Guide

    Post by gm01epic on Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:38 pm

    Moderator Application Submissions Guide

    If you intend on asking for moderator permissions, you have to understand the role you're undertaking. Moderators are meant to keep the peace, help our users, and act as a figure of authority to turn to when things get rough. If you're not planning on at least some activity, don't apply, as moderators need to be active to keep up with our users.

    Once you understand what you're applying for and the conditions for keeping your position, you can submit an application here. There's no official form, but please include the following information:
    • Your username on the site
    • Your requested position
    • Your expected level of activity
    • The board you'd like to moderate (if applying as a Board Moderator)
    • Why you should be chosen as a Moderator/Plot Staff
    • Examples of your previous moderation work (if available)

    Remember, proper grammar, spelling, and language adds professionalism and makes a better first impression. And above all, do not constantly bump your thread - the administrators and global moderators will get to your application when they get to it.

    Only Site Administrators are permitted to approve applications for Global Moderators, while both Site Administrators and Global Moderators are permitted to approve applications for any lower position.


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