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    The First Severed Moon and Sun Event


    The Beginning of the End

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    The First Severed Moon and Sun Event

    Post by gm01epic on Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:13 am

    The First Severed Moon and Sun Event

    *excerpt from the Book of Ancient Legends, created by various authors; the Book has been lost to time.

    Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Celestial Goddess Asigaia decided to make the world her own. Before this time, there were many races, constantly in war with each other, without any significant development. She aimed to unite these races in peace for the sake of development (though some suspect that another motive of hers might have been acquiring worshipers). Landing upon Auspus, she looked upon the races, and the races looked upon her. Emitting an energy pulse that shot across the continent, she took the attention of all living beings, bringing them in a massive crowd to her. Then, she spoke.

    "People of this continent," she began. "I see that you fight. But for what purpose?"

    A single human spoke up. "We wish to assert our superiority," he said, looking around at the other races in disdain.

    "We hope to claim the best hunting lands for ourselves," an elf woman added.

    Continuing like this, each race voiced their concerns and hopes, their motives for conflict. Listening to each intently, Asigaia nodded quietly. Finally, when the last of the beings had spoken, she replied: "I see... And have you tried reaching a mutual agreement at all?"

    The many races looked amongst themselves, in slight embarassment. "No," a single dwarf admitted, "we assumed that it would be hopeless. These other races are far too power-hungry."

    A murmur of disapproval rippled across the crowd as they shook their heads at the dwarf, before Asigaia cut in. "Then you refuse to attempt it, even now?"

    The races, once more, looked around at each other. "I would be willing to try," a single merfolk sighed. "I tire of these pointless wars."

    "As would I," a halfblood beastfolk added.

    A unanimous agreement was reached among all of the races, besides one. They were beings of pure darkness, of corruption. Their only goal was to cause suffering, and they enjoyed the thrill of the fight more than anything. These beings refused to negotiate time and time again, until the Goddess cut in.

    "I see that most of us with for a better future," she asserted. "Personally, I suggest the division of land. Separate this continent into different regions - countries - and inhabit each one. Do what you please among these regions, and achieve your goals. But remember to not fall into chaos once more."

    The dark beings, noticing the discrimination, began an uproar, shouting out against the proposed system. "Do not ignore us!" they shouted. "We do not agree!"

    And Asigaia looked upon these beings. "Demons," she called. "You refuse to find order in this world of chaos? You wish for pointless death, until all life falls prey to the temptation of war?" Hearing a general agreement, she scoffed. "Then you do not belong in this world." In shock, the demons were unable to defend themselves against a large spell, targeting all of the dark forms. All of them found themselves captured in a massive orb of light, which split into two, shooting off into the sun and the moon.

    "What will happen to them?" an orc called out in confusion.

    "I've sealed them within the celestial bodies," Asigaia explained. "They do not belong in this world of peace." Satisfied, she left the country, planning to move on to the next.


    Countless years passed, and the races lived in harmony, building cities and towns, establishing trade, and creating a healthy system of collaboration. But, as is with all major establishments, the countries wished for more power. This desire was never acted upon until around the year 575 AA (After Asigaia), when a massive group of orcs attacked the country of Dalius. Having much more strength than the humans and other races that inhabited it, they were able to do a massive amount of damage before finally being subdued by the military. And although nobody noticed it at the time, as the orcs' greed grew, a dark essence emerged from them, floating up to the celestial bodies.

    As time went on, the other countries took note of the orcs' success, increasing their own greed. They constantly declared war on each other, fighting as they did hundreds of years ago. And the dark essence flew into the sky, slowly causing a tear in time-space that resembled a cut in a fabric. Finally, these cuts spread across the bodies, severing the seal that Asigaia put on them. The demons flooded out, rushing to the continent of Auspus and slaughtering anything that came their way. Unprepared for the damage that they would cause, the mortals were picked off at an alarming rate, spilling blood all over the landmass.

    The Celestials, deities that operated under Asigaia's watch, noticed the losing struggle that the mortals were locked in, but they also remembered the violence that caused this event. They remained undecided as to whether they should act against the demons or not; the demons had evolved to a point where pure holy energy could no longer affect them, which complicated things greatly. Eventually, as the populations of each species fell below 1,000, the Celestials decided to take action. Choosing several mortals to represent and follow them, they established an order, calling themselves the "Celestial Warriors". These fighters were gifted with a fraction of their Celestial's power, which they used to fight the demons. As they were not pure, they were able to fight the monsters, and with their massive power, they eventually forced them into submission. Using the energy given to them, they performed the same spell that Asigaia did hundreds of years ago, sealing the demons back into the celestial bodies.

    The mortals, noticing these great fighters, praised their success, and in time, the mortals were able to rebuild their civilizations. For years to come, they remembered what they called the Severed Moon and Sun Event, hoping desperately that history would not repeat itself.


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